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EnviroClean Dishwasher Powder
Super concentrated and contains no chlorine

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EnviroClean Dishwasher Powder


EnviroClean Dishwasher Powder - one of the most efficient and effective dishwasher powders available - much more cost effective than regular powders. Use only 1 scoop (less than a teaspoon, or 5mls) for safe, effective cleaning in your dishwashing machine.

Up to 200 washes per kilogram.

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EnviroClean Dishwasher Powder is available in the following sizes:

Pack size Price
1 kilo $14.95
2 kilo $27.95
5 kilo $62.95
20 kilo $229.95

Before using for the first time put ½ to 1 cup of vinegar into an empty dishwasher and put through the hot cycle.
Scoop = 5ml. Rinsed dishes use ¼ to 1 scoop. Soiled dishes use up to 1 scoop. Use enviroClean Rinse Aid in final rinse for sparkling results.

EnviroClean Dishwasher Powder is:

    * Filler fee
    * Chlorine, caustics, petrochemicals and phosphates free
    * Not tested on animals
    * Grey water safe
    * Biodegradable
    * Septic, sewage and bio system safe
    * Concentrated and very economical

Ingredients - Alkaline salts, non ionic surfactant, bio enzymes, proprietary natural citrus fragrance. 

Click here to download the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 

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