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Wind-Up and Solar Radios, Torches and Chargers

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2C Solar Light Caps
No batteries needed for the latest wearable green technology. Great for camping,...
2C Tuff Lite
For hardhats - solar powered, no batteries needed
Freeloader HUBi
2k solar hub for lighting and power with 5W solar panel
Freeloader Sixer
Solar powered battery bank for your devices
Freeloader Supercharger
Portable solar charger suitable for most gadgets
Freeplay Encore
solar and hand crank charging, radio, MP3 player and built in light
Freeplay Energy Hub
A solar powered energy system that powers lights and charges phones
Freeplay Radiance Solar Lantern
Freeplay Companion solar/wind up emergency AM/FM radio
A portable solar/wind up radio and torch, ideal for emergencies, camping and gardening,...
Freeplay TUF emergency radio
Solar and wind up charging, phone charging, light source
Nokero N200 4 LED Solar Light Globe
Easy to hang Nokero Solar bulbs charge by day and bring hours of light each night.
Nokero N233 Solar Light
Perfect for lighting, camping etc..
POWERplus Salamander
Solar powered torch and 2400 mAh powerbank -
POWERplus Falcon 8 LED Lantern
A dynamo, solar or USB charged lantern, powerbank, FM radio, charger and alarm!
POWERplus®LED Barracuda Waterproof Dynamo and Solar Torch - RRP $34.95 our price $32.50
A 3 LED that can be charged by the sun or by hand
Freeplay Kito Wind Up Torch - RRP $44.95 Our Price $42.50
Simple, rugged and reliable. Ideal for camping and emergencies
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